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Custom Mother of Pearl inlay


Planning. Come and talk about what sort of instrument you want. We can decide on size, body shape, scale length, cutaways, pickups, headstock, fancy inlays and much more, exactly as you want it. I often have several guitars at the workshop for you to see and try out.

Maybe you want to buy a special gift for someone. This Walnut and Cedar guitar was made as a wedding present for Jenny and Al, a great musical duo in more ways than one.

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Using a go bar clamp


Getting started. I order all the components and get to work. You can come to the workshop and watch progress and take photos as the guitar materialises. Be part of the creation of your new guitar!

If you live far away I can send you pictures as the body, neck, fretboard and headstock all take shape.

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Twin rings of abalone


Your imput. You can choose a rosette as simple or as complex as you wish. You might even want to bring along some personal pieces you want to inlay into your guitar.

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My dragonfly logo


Be patient. Quality hand made instruments take time to produce. For a straightforward build I take 3 or 4 months. I prefer to use shellac on acoustic surfaces and most of my instruments are classically French polished. The mother of pearl and abalone dragonfly is my headstock icon.

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Bernie and his ukulele


Enjoy. Here are some happy customers

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