About Me

I made my first guitar as a teenager...

It wasn't up to much but I still keep it purely for sentimental reasons, so I know what having your very own guitar really means.

Ten years ago I was taught to make high quality acoustic guitars by luthier Richard Osborne in his workshop at Lewes, East Sussex. I now design and build for guitarists who want to take a personal interest in the creation of their own personalised instrument.

I am a retired surgeon, not a company seeking a high profit. I make guitars because I enjoy doing so. It's then great to hear musicians put them to good use. This is reflected in the price, which is usually about £2,000 for a straightforward model.

See for yourself how i make my instruments

Watch the video on the right to see a sneak preview of how I make my instruments.

You can come to the workshop and watch progress and take photos as the guitar materialises. Be part of the creation of your new guitar!